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Review: Dirty Lickins’

The worst restaurant experience of my life was at a Buffalo Wild Wings — the one in Waikiki to be exact (to name one thing, our waiter brought a trash can up to our table and asked if we could help him clear it. What’s THAT all about?!). Since then I’ve been trying to find an alternate wing joint I can call home.

In an attempt to fill the void, Jake and I recently tried out Dirty Lickins’, a hole in the wall in Aiea.

Aiea is my actual home. I grew up in Kalihi, but moved there for the portion of my life that mattered, AKA the part I can remember. It’s the perfect combination of not too city and not too country and is just west of Honolulu in Central Oahu.

It’s just to the left of Aiea Bowl on the third level of the Aiea Shopping Center. You can’t miss it with the flaming signs that display the eatery’s name on either side of the door.

Inside Dirty Lickins'.

Inside Dirty Lickins’.

I was surprised at how big the menu was, and also by the wall color — dark reds and oranges. It’s bold inside, just as the outside signs hint. It’s got a real kitschy feel, although the tables and chairs seem a little old and worn. It does end up feeling a little messy inside.

As for the food, I got a chicken tenders combo with honey mustard sauce and fries. My chicken was pretty soaked in sauce — a little more than I would like, usually. If you’re like that too, I’d recommend asking for it on the side.

Jake (@TeamPlayerJake) with his chicken wings.

Jake (@TeamPlayerJake) with his chicken wings.

Jake, on the other hand, was very happy and full by the time he finished his hot wings.

Jake, on the other hand, was very happy and full by the time he finished his hot wings.

What I can say about this place is that the service is pretty good. The woman who took our order brought our food to the table we were waiting at and she was very personable and interacted with all the customers who came in that evening. You could really feel the small-town vibe in that sense.

I’m not sure I’ve found my new home for wings yet, but this was an interesting place.


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