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Honoring the late Senator Daniel K. Inouye

A still from when my interview with the late Senator Daniel Inouye when it aired on Hawaii News Now.

Senator Dan Inouye would have been 89 years old yesterday. He passed away about a year ago in December, and I was fortunate enough a few months prior to have been one of the last few to ever interview the great man.

I interviewed him while I was in my last year of college — and if you watch the interview, my nerves are front and center.

It was the second major interview I conducted during my time in the journalism program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa — the first was with Gov. Neil Abercrombie.


My journalism class with the senator.

I remember waiting for the senator and his security detail outside of the PBS Studio in Manoa. With lei in hand, I was ready to greet him, when all of a sudden he stopped me — explaining quickly that he was allergic to pollen.

An awkward start to say the least.

It soon got better though — he lightened the mood a little while the crew were checking his mic and he said, 1, 2, 3… I love Rachel.

A flirt who was quick and ready to love deeply, as I found from the ensuing interview, he was a man that made the most and the best of his time in the world. He wanted to finish his life in government, and he did just that.

I have no regrets.

It was the most powerful and standalone quote of the whole interview.


You can find my full interview with the senator on my YouTube channel. I also have an article published here along with the interview on Hawaii News Now.

You can also see my appearance on Hawaii News Now’s Sunrise morning program here, where I did a quick debrief on my interview with the senator.


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