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Top 3 Summer 2013 Picks: Pali Puka Hike

Jake (@TeamPlayerJake) along the ridge during the Pali Puka hike.

Jake (@TeamPlayerJake) along the ridge during the Pali Puka hike.

I always want to be in the sun as much as possible — and the summertime is no exception to that rule. One of my favorite ways to stay active during this season is to hike, and that’s why I’m choosing the Pali Puka hike as one of my Top 3 Summer 2013 Picks.

I love ridge hikes because of the adrenaline rush they give you. One false move, and you’re toast — you just fell off a cliff and there’s nothing you can do about it. Aside from that daredevil quality, Pali Puka is a great hike because I always feel like I’m doing more than working my legs. This ridge isn’t flat — you’re going up, so along the way there are a couple ropes to help pull you up and along.

No need arm day at the gym when you go on this hike!

No need arm day at the gym when you go on this hike!

The hike is located at the Pali Lookout. You can park your car in the parking lot there, but it’s $3. If you park along the road leading to the parking lot, you don’t have to pay. If you end up paying, don’t worry, the machines there take credit card. Once you park your car, instead of going towards the lookout head towards the stone wall near where all the tour buses park and you’ll find a break in the wall, or a part that’s kind of eroded. Climb over and head up to start the hike!

You’ll go up through this forested area at first, but then you’ll emerge onto the ridge. At this point, you can just start heading up along the trail. My advice: certain parts can get a little muddy, so I wouldn’t recommend doing this trail if it’s been raining. Actually — I wouldn’t recommend hiking in bad weather in general.

Once you get to this huge cliff, you’ve made it! The puka should be just below you. In fact, as you walk towards it, you’re probably walking over it.

Here’s a photo of me in the puka. It acts like a wind tunnel, so be careful. I do like to hang my feet over through onto the other side though — much to my mother’s dismay. The view is beautiful all the way up this hike, not just through the puka. However, a picture in the puka is a must. The weirder, the better — the bigger the hair, the better. You know the drill.

Before we end this blog post, here’s a fun fact: puka in Hawaiian means hole. So Pali Puka describes the hole here along the Pali.Β The more you know.

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