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How to: upset your neighbors by touching their laundry

Fun fact: This "Out of Order" sign has been on our dryer for a while now... and surprise! It's not out of order.

Fun fact: This “Out of Order” sign has been on our dryer for a while now… and surprise! It’s not out of order.

Let’s say you’re me and you live in an apartment building. You’re walking to the laundry room, ready to retrieve your laundry from the dryer, and what do you find? Your laundry basket, magically full of clean clothes.

Maybe you did get a little carried away with making sure the chicken was finished cooking after your timer for the dryer went off — but that’s not a crime! It’s definitely not an excuse for your nosy, impatient neighbors to go ahead and put their grubby hands on your bedding.

…what if it had been myย underwear?!

I was maybe 5 minutes late to pick up my load of clothes — not an hour.

Here’s what you should do if you don’t want angry glares from neighbors next time you see one in the floor of your communal laundry room:

  • If the dryer is in use, and by that I mean there are still clothes in it, even if the machine is not running, go to another floor! You don’t even have to use the stairs — just take the elevator one floor up! Problem solved.
  • And clean up your dryer lint, people. I know you might be missing the returning seconds of Breaking Badย post-commercial break, but you need to slow your roll.

If I ever catch anyone taking my clothes out of the dryer — or even worse! The washer! — you will feel my full wrath.


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