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Daily: Occupied laundry room blues

I don’t know if you live in an apartment building like me that has communal laundry rooms on every floor, but sometimes finding an unoccupied room is hard!

Let me give you a timeline of my latest laundry excursion:

8 p.m.:

Armed with two baskets of laundry, one load of whites and one load of darks, I emerge from my apartment and run over to our floor’s laundry room. Occupied.

I take the elevator one floor up and find that only the dryer is in use. I quickly slip my load of darks into the washer and head back to the elevator and proceed one floor higher.

On this floor the laundry room is completely unoccupied. I start my load of whites and head back down to my apartment.

8:30 p.m.:

I stop hand washing some clothes when I hear my alarm go off and head to the elevator to check on my dark load in the washer on the floor above. The dryer is still occupied! Remove your clothes in a timely fashion, dammit!

I pull my wet clothes out of the washer and head two floors up. The washer is in use, but I quickly throw my darks into the dryer. If the person using the washer monitors their time closely, they will hate me because by the time they come back to their finished 25 minute wash cycle, a 40 minute dryer cycle of clothes that are not theirs will be in progress.

I quickly head down one floor to check on my whites.

I transfer the whites in the washer to the dryer, and then head down two floors to my apartment.

9 p.m.:

I eventually hear my alarm and go to get my clothes. Two floors, then three floors above me. Thankfully, no sign of angry washer neighbor.



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