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Daily: Sunday beach day

Today’s view: The Kahala Hotel from Kahala Beach, the east side of Oahu.

The great company I had at the beach — my friends Adrienne (@Adrihui) and Emily (@eschliem)

Summer is winding down… I guess that doesn’t mean much in the adult world because it’s not like we get a “summer break” or anything like that. There’s just something youthful about summer air and the hot summer sun.

Even in Hawaii I can tell the difference between the summer sun beating down on me versus a timid winter sun.

It may always be sunny in Hawaii, but there’s nothing like the unrelenting burn of summer — where the second you step out into the air you can already feel your skin begin to bake and you know it’s already time to re-apply that sunscreen. Sometimes the sand soaks up so much of the sun’s rays that it too becomes unbearably hot, making tourists and locals alike skitter across the beach, like crabs, as quickly as they can.

I use to say Autumn was my favorite season, but it is undoubtedly summer. Stay tuned! I’ll be starting a top summer moments countdown until the first day of Autumn, which is September 22.


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