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Review: Regal Bakery (Chinatown location)

I picked Jake up one morning after I did a quick fill-in for my co-worker during part of the morning show and we finally got to check out the new Regal Bakery in Chinatown.

I thought we were going to end up in a little grungy hole-in-the-wall place, but it turned out to be quite the trendy hangout spot.

The reason we wanted to check out this particular bakery? Well they claim to have Honolulu’s version of New York’s famous Cronut, a pastry that is half donut and have croissant — which Jake and I are obsessed with.

“The Butternut” — Honolulu’s Cronut. To the left are the Bavarian flavored ones, and to the right are the Passion Orange ones.

Theirs is called “the Butternut,” and comes in three flavors: Bavarian, Passion Orange, and Green Tea.

I got a Bavarian — thought about getting the Passion Orange, but decided to save that for another day. Jake got the same, but also picked up a bacon maple donut.

The Butternuts are $3, a little pricey for being so small — but I don’t blame them for riding the fad wave.

Regal Bakery is a perfect little spot to lounge and drink coffee and eat donuts. We even saw a cop getting his daily dose (which we found hilarious).

Donuts, coffee, even breakfast and lunch specials if you so desire — WiFi and outlets! Done. Home. You need nothing else.

We plan to be regulars here.


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