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Moment: Ko’olina surprise

A trip to Ko'olina

Me: “Where are we going?”
Him: “It’s a surprise.”

While driving west on the freeway, I hypothesize we will either end up at a Ko’olina lagoon, or head towards the North Shore.

I ask leading questions. He shrugs his shoulders and looks straight ahead — eyes big and mouth twisted into a half-smile, making that face he makes when he’s trying not to give anything away.

“We’re going to make a stop in Kapolei.”

We enter Boston’s Pizza and he orders two slices of the Boston Special. The man behind the counter then proceeds to holdΒ up half a pizza, smiling, as if to ask, are you sure?

Even too big for him, we leave with only one slice of the Boston Special and one slice of sausage and pepperoni — together the equivalent of four large pizza slices. And when I say large, I mean large, large.

We are back on the freeway when we make that familiar turn into the Ko’olina Resorts, driving up and down thin roads to get to the beach walk.

But first we need to wait for parking.

We find our position in line and he turns the engine off while we rip open the brown paper that encloses our pizza.

We lay our spread out on the dashboard and feast.

I have never been so happy to wait in line.


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